How Long Does Siding Last In Minnesota

How Long Does Siding Last in Minnesota?

How long does siding last, and how can you tell when to replace yours? As a Minnesota homeowner, knowing when to replace your siding can help you prevent future repair costs. Every type of siding has a different life expectancy, so learning the different factors affecting your siding’s lifespan can help you determine when it’s […]

Can A Roof Leak Cause Water Damage

Can a Roof Leak Cause Water Damage?

Water damage is every homeowner’s worst fear. Seemingly minor issues within your roofing system can build up over time causing severe complications under the surface. Once your roof’s critical components become compromised, water can leak into your home, causing expensive problems. Understanding why roof leaks occur and how to watch out for signs of water […]

Roof Fire Damage Repair Replacement

Do You Need Roof Fire Damage Repair or Replacement?

Without a healthy roof, your family, the interior, and your home’s structure would face the elements and weather extremes unprotected. Unfortunately, many events can cause roof damage, one of the worst being house fires. House fires are devastating events that could damage your entire home. If your home endures a fire, call professionals immediately for […]

Roof Rotting

How to Prevent Your Roof from Rotting

Savvy homeowners do everything possible to avoid roof-rot in property investment and catching it early is part of the solution. A rotting roof leads to internal water leaks and resultant mold or mildew growth, damaging a structure’s framework and corroding its building materials. It is also at risk of outright collapse! If you suspect your […]

Roof Lighning Strike

Did Your Roof Get Struck By Lightning?

Lightning might be beautiful from a distance, but a lightning strike can be downright devastating to your home, especially the roof! The forces of nature are capable of inflicting major damages, specifically where powerful surges of electricity are concerned. It wreaks havoc with the structural and aesthetic aspects, too, ripping into beams, pipework, and appliances […]

How Long Does A Metal Roof Last

How Long Does a Metal Roof Last?

Many homeowners choose a metal roof over the typical asphalt shingles popular in past residential construction. Metal roofing provides a highly durable covering for your house and comes in various colors and styles, making it easy to customize. If you’re considering an upgrade and wondering, “How long does a metal roof last?” call the roofing […]

Common Causes Of Roof Leaks

Common Causes of Roof Leaks

Your roof is an essential protective feature of your home. Without this barrier, your family and home interiors would face the challenges of various weather conditions and seasonal temperature extremes. However, even the best roofs can face damage that causes roof leaks. There are many different reasons for a roof leaking, and knowing what caused […]

Roof Vents Leak

Do Your Roof Vents Leak After a Heavy Rain?

Your roof is the primary protective feature of your home. Not only does this structural component protect your family from the elements, but it also guards your home against costly water damage. Nevertheless, even the best built-roofs can leak during heavy rain, which can lead to water damage in your home. Professionals offer various solutions […]

What Are Class 4 Impact-Resistant Shingles?

If you’ve lived in Minnesota for long, you’ve likely become intimately familiar with our state’s extreme weather. Snowstorms, heavy winds, rain, and hail aren’t uncommon sights here in the North Star State. You expect your roof to take a beating from the weather, but if you don’t have Class 4 shingles, you could end up […]

Why Every Roof Needs An Ice And Water Shield

Why Every Roof Needs an Ice and Water Shield

If you’re beginning the process of installing a new roof, you need to consider all of the added features that could improve your investment. One product to consider adding to your new roof installation is an ice and water shield. An ice and water shield is a protective underlayment that can prevent ice dams from […]

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