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Our team at Elite Remodeling Services provides installation and replacement services for steel siding in Minneapolis, MN. We work with many siding materials, but many of our clients opt for steel for its excellent durability and versatile appearance.

Whether you need a repair service for your steel siding or want to explore your many siding material options, call us at 952-646-2480. We’ll provide a free, fast estimate on your steel siding project.

Residential and Commercial Steel Siding Repair and Installation Services

We have more than 25 years of experience providing reliable siding repair and installation services to residential and commercial property owners throughout the Twin Cities Metro area. We have you covered whether you need a siding repair service or want to replace your current exterior with a metal siding installation.

We can take care of your steel siding replacement, ensuring proper installation for a long-term siding solution. We’ll help you select the best option for your home or business from top-quality steel siding products. Contact our team of expert siding contractors today to learn how we can transform your home or business’s curb appeal with durable, beautiful steel siding.

Call 952-646-2480 to schedule your steel siding estimate.

Signs Your Structure Needs Siding Repair or Replacement Services

The siding on your home or business protects the interior materials from intruding moisture, wind, and other damaging forces. You must invest in prompt repair or replacement services if it becomes compromised. Below, you’ll find a list of indications that you need a siding repair or replacement:

  • Bulging or warped siding panels
  • Cracked or split siding panels
  • Loose or missing siding panels
  • Organic growth like mold or algae
  • Hail or wind-damaged panels
  • Compromised fascia or soffit boards
  • Cracked, flaking, or peeling paint
  • Extremely faded siding panels

Advantages of Steel Siding for Your Minneapolis Home

You can find many homes and buildings with steel siding in Minneapolis because it offers a number of benefits. These include the following:

Durable and Flexible

Steel offers superior durability and flexibility over other siding materials and can protect a structure for decades when maintained correctly. While hail and impacts may crack other materials, steel siding dents due to greater flexibility. It also resists fire, and seamless steel siding eliminates many easy access points for intruding water.

Low Maintenance

Many steel siding products don’t require repainting and only need a soft wash once a year to maintain a clean and polished appearance. Unlike wood or vinyl, metal siding panels don’t chip, crack, or fade when well taken care of. Let our contractors handle your repair needs to keep your metal siding in optimal condition.


Steel siding may seem like an industrial-looking option, but it can mimic all kinds of siding styles, including traditional lap, Dutch lap, shake siding, and vertical siding panels. You can choose from an impressive range of colors for a metal panel product that suits your vision for your home or business’s exterior.


Home and business owners looking for environmentally friendly siding options often opt for steel. While other siding materials like vinyl can’t be reused after removal, steel is 100% recyclable. Consider steel siding if you want to reduce home material waste at your residential or commercial property.

Elite Remodeling Services can repair or install your steel siding in Minneapolis, St. Paul, Farmington, Apple Valley, Eagan, Burnsville, Lakeville, and the surrounding areas. We also work with wood, vinyl, LP SmartSide engineered wood, and James Hardie fiber cement siding products. Call 952-646-2480 today for a free estimate and to discover the ideal siding material for your property.

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