Extending Roof Lifespan

How You Can Extend The Life of Your Roof

As much as we’d love to imagine a home for life, the reality is that homes have expiry dates (at least their components do). All roofing materials have a limited lifespan after which they’ll need replacing. How you care for your home’s roof and property significantly affects when this will be necessary. Neglecting roofing repairs […]

Roof Snow Removal Minneapolis

How Do I Know If I Need Roof Snow Removal?

How much snow can your roof hold before it compromises the structure? Roof snow removal is an annoying process, but it is often necessary to preserve your roof and prevent costly damage. At Elite Remodeling Services, our licensed and insured roofers provide roof repair and replacement services in the Minneapolis metro area and the surrounding […]

Roof Snow Guards For Homes Minneapolis

What Are Roof Snow Guards?

If you live in Minneapolis or the surrounding cities, snow is an unavoidable part of winter. Learning how to prepare your home for the upcoming winter storms can help you prevent the headache of costly repairs. So, what are roof snow guards, and do you need them for your home? At Elite Remodeling Services, we […]

Attic Insulation

Is Your Attic Insulated Properly?

If you’re like most homeowners, you might assume your attic’s primary purpose is to provide a bit of extra storage space. In truth, the attic is designed to regulate the temperature of the roof and insulate the whole structure’s interior from extreme fluctuations. It is surprising what a huge difference a properly insulted attic can […]

How Long Does Siding Last In Minnesota

How Long Does Siding Last in Minnesota?

How long does siding last, and how can you tell when to replace yours? As a Minnesota homeowner, knowing when to replace your siding can help you prevent future repair costs. Every type of siding has a different life expectancy, so learning the different factors affecting your siding’s lifespan can help you determine when it’s […]

Can A Roof Leak Cause Water Damage

Can a Roof Leak Cause Water Damage?

Water damage is every homeowner’s worst fear. Seemingly minor issues within your roofing system can build up over time causing severe complications under the surface. Once your roof’s critical components become compromised, water can leak into your home, causing expensive problems. Understanding why roof leaks occur and how to watch out for signs of water […]

Roof Fire Damage Repair Replacement

Do You Need Roof Fire Damage Repair or Replacement?

Without a healthy roof, your family, the interior, and your home’s structure would face the elements and weather extremes unprotected. Unfortunately, many events can cause roof damage, one of the worst being house fires. House fires are devastating events that could damage your entire home. If your home endures a fire, call professionals immediately for […]

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