Roof Maintenance Tips

10 Roof Maintenance Tips for Minnesota Homeowners

Even the highest-quality residential roof deteriorates with the elements over time. How you maintain your home and property will also directly affect your roof maintenance over the years. Fortunately, you can rely on the home renovation experts at Elite Remodeling Services, (952) 646-2480 for fast, friendly service, and expert roof repair all year round.

Roof maintenance Tips Every Homeowner in Minnesota Needs to Know

1. Trim tree branches

Mature trees on your property create a welcoming and inviting aesthetic and offer lots of shade during warm summers. It’s important to regularly trim back the branches, however, which hang over your home’s roof. Branches drop twigs, seeds, leaves, and other wet materials onto the roof, creating the potential for roof rot.

A fallen branch also risks the damaging or loosing of roofing shingles. Call a reliable professional for this job, so you know your roof is safe from the wayward branches being cut. Experts are also more likely to keep your property’s beautiful trees correctly pruned and protected.

2. Clean the home’s gutters often

Clogged gutters don’t drain effectively, which increases the risk of roof eaves and edges absorbing standing water or overflowing. The added moisture leads to mold and mildew, as well as roof rot. Have your home’s gutters power-washed by a professional every year (or as often as needed to keep them clean).

3. Don’t forget the downspouts!

Along with the gutters, clogged downspouts increase the risk of water damage to a home’s roof. If you notice water moving along the length of gutters but pooling around the downspouts, it is time to clean. Unblock the downspouts with a plumber’s snake or call a power-washing company to have them emptied out properly.

4. Invest in a roof broom

Even after you trim tree branches from along the home’s roof, you will still notice leaves, twigs, and other debris piling up on the roof. While this debris might eventually break up and blow away, investing in a roof broom to dislodge and remove residue from your home’s roof is a wise investment. Sweeping away damp debris from a home’s roof protects it from potential water damage and roof rot, too.

5. Check gutter connections

Even if gutters are cleaned regularly, the weight and impact of rain often pulls these channels away from the eaves. When there are gaps between the gutters and the roof, water splashes over those edges and lands on the roof. This creates another risk factor for roof rot and other damages.

Have the home’s gutter connections checked annually, so you can tighten or replace them as needed.

6. Wash away algae immediately!

Algae, moss, mold, and mildew are especially damaging to a home’s roof. These fast-growing biological substances loosen shingles and hold moisture against the roof’s surface. As soon as you notice any algae forming on your home’s roof, call a professional power-washing company to clean the roof thoroughly, destroying spores and roots.

7. Don’t overlook flashing

Flashing is a water-resistant material applied around a roof’s valleys and seams. It provides a barrier against moisture near the chimneys, vents, and dormers. When inspecting your home’s roof, don’t overlook the flashing!

If flashing material is bent, curled, cracked, or otherwise damaged, it will need to be repaired or replaced immediately.

8. Install leaf guards

Leaf guards stand over the top of gutters and downspouts, effectively blocking leaves, twigs, seeds, and other debris, thereby reducing the risk of clogs. Leaf guards are typically affordable and easy to find. They are simple for a homeowner to install, so be sure to keep leaf guards well-maintained.

9. Check the attic or crawlspace

Water marks on the ceiling of a home’s attic or crawl space often indicate the need for roof maintenance or repairs. If left unchecked, the damage gets more extensive over time. The result will be costly repair bills and plenty of inconvenience for the home’s residents.

Check your home’s attic or crawl space at least once a year for signs of water leaks and damage.

10. Call a professional roofing contractor for an inspection

While a homeowner might spot obvious damage on their home’s roof, in the attic or in the crawl space, a professional roofing contractor is skilled at examining all areas and components of a roof and more identifying subtle damages. Have your home’s roof inspected at least annually (and more often if you live in areas with heavy rainstorms or snowfall!).

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