Roof Snow Removal Minneapolis

How Do I Know If I Need Roof Snow Removal?

How much snow can your roof hold before it compromises the structure? Roof snow removal is an annoying process, but it is often necessary to preserve your roof and prevent costly damage. At Elite Remodeling Services, our licensed and insured roofers provide roof repair and replacement services in the Minneapolis metro area and the surrounding […]

Roof Snow Guards For Homes Minneapolis

What Are Roof Snow Guards?

If you live in Minneapolis or the surrounding cities, snow is an unavoidable part of winter. Learning how to prepare your home for the upcoming winter storms can help you prevent the headache of costly repairs. So, what are roof snow guards, and do you need them for your home? At Elite Remodeling Services, we […]

What Are Class 4 Impact-Resistant Shingles?

If you’ve lived in Minnesota for long, you’ve likely become intimately familiar with our state’s extreme weather. Snowstorms, heavy winds, rain, and hail aren’t uncommon sights here in the North Star State. You expect your roof to take a beating from the weather, but if you don’t have Class 4 shingles, you could end up […]

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