Frequently Asked Questions About Roofing

Frequently Asked Questions about Roofing

As a homeowner or business owner, you want to be informed about your roof. There are more parts to a roofing system than most people realize, and each component plays an integral role in keeping your home intact. The following are common questions we encounter about roofing. For any other questions, call Elite Roofing Services at (952) 646-2480.

How long will my roof system last?

The lifespan of your roof depends on a variety of factors. These factors include climate, weather conditions, and roof maintenance. The roofing material also plays a significant role in how long you can expect your roof to last. For example:

  • Asphalt – typically lasts 15 to 25 years
  • Clay tiles – 50 to 100 years (typically found in the south – Elite Remodeling Services of St. Augustine installs clay tiles in Florida)
  • Concrete tiles – 40 to 75years
  • Cedar shingles and shakes – 20 to 35 years
  • Natural slate – 50 to 100 years

If you are not sure when your roof was installed, call an expert contractor like Elite Roofing Services for an assessment.

What should I do to maintain my roof system?

Maintaining your roof can help you avoid major problems that could cost you tons of money. You can maximize the efficiency of your roof by taking the following steps:

  • Clean moss and mold from your roof
  • Pay attention to discoloration or damage to your shingles
  • Notice places where water is collecting
  • Make sure your gutters and downspouts are not clogged
  • Fix loose flashing

Your roof system keeps your house insulated and protects your home from the elements. You want to conduct inspections of your roof at least twice a year.

How do I know when it’s time for a roof replacement?

Having a leak in your home doesn’t necessarily mean it’s time to replace your roof. In addition to age, there are other indications that it might be time for a new roof:

  1. Granules falling off of asphalt shingles
  2. Numerous missing, bucking, or damaged shingles
  3. Major leaks
  4. Mold in the attic or on your ceiling

If any of these signs describe your roof, don’t wait to act. Call a contractor and find out if you need roof system repair or replacement.

What are the best roofing materials?

Your choice of roofing material depends on your needs, climate, and budget. Many homeowners choose asphalt for its affordability. However, asphalt shingles require more maintenance than other materials and must be replaced more quickly. Other popular roofing materials include wood, metal, slate, clay, and composite.

The cost of roofing materials varies by project and contractor. When you choose a material, make sure you know:

  • how much it will cost you in the long run
  • the required maintenance
  • the warranty offered by your contractor

Elite Remodeling Services can answer any additional questions you may have!

Can I fix my roof myself?

A professional contractor should do most of your roofing work. Doing unsupervised work yourself could result in violating (and voiding) your warranty. You also don’t want or put yourself or your loved ones in danger by doing contracting work alone. Additionally, you can’t always trust online advice or video tutorials for updated roofing techniques.

Leave it to the experts. Our roof contracting services are efficient, quality, and affordable. Call Elite Roofing Services today at (952) 646-2480 to get more information.

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