Roof Vents Leak

Do Your Roof Vents Leak After a Heavy Rain?

Your roof is the primary protective feature of your home. Not only does this structural component protect your family from the elements, but it also guards your home against costly water damage. Nevertheless, even the best built-roofs can leak during heavy rain, which can lead to water damage in your home.

Professionals offer various solutions for your leaky roof, including vent flashing for roof vent leaks and structural re-composition. Understanding your roof leak source helps address these problems.

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The Problem with Slow Roof Leaks

Problems With Slow Roof Leaks

Even with professionally installed roofs with a watertight seal, slow leaks are the most common issue during heavy rain. These seemingly minor problems usually remain undetected or seem insignificant.

A slow chimney or roof vent leak can introduce damaging water into your home’s infrastructure that causes rotting and mold growth. Calling professionals upon noticing problems with your roof leaking during heavy rain is essential to protecting your home from more expensive damage.

Different Types of Roof Leaks

From roof vent leaks to issues with skylights in your home, many types of leaks can occur during heavy rain. Identifying the source of a leak is the first step towards fixing the issue long-term.

Roof Vent Leak

Your roof vents are crucial to increase circulation in your attic. However, different roof vent styles might allow heavy rains to leak in your home. Fixing a roof vent leak might require a screen or flashing solution to block water. Call professionals who know how to fix roof vent leaks.

Chimney Leak

Chimney leaks usually result from issues with the cover at the top of the chimney, cracks in the structure, improperly installed flashing, and slope issues. These problems could allow water into your home.

Damaged Shingle Leak

Roof shingles are the first line of defense for a roof. Cracked and damaged shingles might allow water to reach your home’s structure. Call professionals to replace or repair your shingles if you notice gathering water.

Vent Pipe Leak

If your roof leaks around a vent pipe, it’s probably an issue with the vent pipe boot. Seasonal temperature extremes damage these features, causing leaks. Professionals can repair vent pipe boots.

Skylight Leak

Skylights offer the perfect gathering place for water on your roof. Even professionally installed skylights could cause a slow leak.

Window Leak

Window leaks might suggest issues with your home siding or gutters. If these features allow water into your home, you might need to get new veneers or structural support for your windows.

Clogged Gutter Leak

Clogged gutters put your home at risk for serious water damage. During heavy rains, these roof features gather standing water that can easily find its way into your home’s structure.

Roof Valley Leak

Roof valleys are the places where different parts of your roof come together. These features can cause standing water or ice dams that create leaks.

Flat Roof Leak

Even flat roofs can cause leaks. Many of these structures have imperfections that allow ponding water, which can easily turn into a leak.

How to Fix Roof Vent Leaks

Roof vent leaks most commonly come from improperly installed flashing around the base of your ventilation. If you are experiencing roof leaks around your vent pipe and hired a general contractor to install your roof, it’s likely they did not install vent flashing properly. These fly by night contractors are notorious in the roofing industry for cutting corners to save costs.

Hiring Elite Remodeling Services’ roofing professionals to fix your vent flashing is your best solution for roof vent leaks. Roofing experts can remove the surrounding shingles and place flashing on the structure of your roof. As a result, both your shingles and the additional flashing offer barriers to water entering your home during heavy rain.

Fixing Other Leaky Roof Issues

Many problems may require high-level solutions like new roof cement, shingles, or flashing. These complex repairs are best for professionals like, Elite Remodeling Services, with experience solving these problems. When it comes to leak repair costs, this will vary from project to project. We offer a free roof inspection and estimate, so contact us today!

Leave It To The Leak Repair Specialist

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