Soffit And Fascia

Why Your Home’s Soffit and Fascia Are So Important

Here in Minnesota, keeping your home protected from extreme weather conditions and pests is critical, and one way to do that is through proper roof maintenance. You may unintentionally ignore aspects of your roof that aren’t the shingles. Still, your roof’s soffit and fascia boards are just as crucial in preventing roof and interior damage as the shingles.

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What Are Soffit and Fascia?

You have probably heard the words “soffit” and “fascia” but may not understand what they refer to on your home’s roof. Let’s talk about what, exactly, soffits and fascia are so that you can better understand why they are so important.


Soffit Being Installed

Looking at your roof, you will notice that the edge overhangs the exterior walls. If you stand beneath that overhanging roofline and look up, you’re looking at a soffit.
Soffits are the boards that close in the overhanging roofline. Without soffit boards, you would be able to see the underside of the rafters that hold up your roof. The soffits close in this area from the bottom.


Fascia Board Being Installed

Looking at that same overhanging roofline, you can identify the fascia boards attached to the roof’s edge facing outward. Fascia boards cover the ends of the rafters to create a streamlined and protected edge for your roof, closing in the area from all exposed sides.

Materials used to create Soffits and Fascias

Manufacturers use several materials to create soffit and fascia boards. Traditionally, soffits and fascia were made of wood, but modern materials like vinyl offer homeowners a more affordable option that may still have a wood-grain appearance. Manufacturers also make soffit and fascia from metals like aluminum or plastics like uPVC.

Why Are the Soffit and Fascia So Important?

If you want to keep your Minnesota home protected, you must properly care for your roof’s soffit and fascia. Solid, properly installed soffit and fascia boards provide the following benefits to your home:

1. Ventilate Your Attic

Proper attic insulation and ventilation prevents many problems, including mold growth and damage to your roof decking. Do you notice vents or slits in your roof’s soffit? These vents play a massive role in attic ventilation by providing airflow around the edge of your roof and allowing heat to escape in the summer.

2. Protect Your Roof and Home From Rain and Snow

Both soffit and fascia boards are critical for protecting your roof and home from rain and snow. Builders install rain gutters over fascia boards. The gutters can’t function properly if the fascia is pulling away, cracked, or otherwise damaged.

Soffit boards also protect from rain and snow by blocking moisture swept under the edge of the roof by strong winds. Keeping this area painted and sealed prevents excess water from collecting and becoming a problem down the road.

3. Defend Against Pest Invasions

Broken, chipped, warped, or otherwise damaged soffit and fascia boards offer pests entrance into your attic and walls. Once inside, they cause all kinds of destruction. Keep out rodents, insects, and other pests with solid, properly installed soffit and fascia boards.

4. Enhance Curb Appeal

Curb appeal refers to the street view of your home. It is more important for some homeowners than others but becomes a critical consideration when selling a home. If your home’s curb appeal lacks the attractiveness you want, consider the difference that updated soffit and fascia may create.

Soffit and Fascia Repair & Replacement

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