How Long Does A Metal Roof Last

How Long Does a Metal Roof Last?

Many homeowners choose a metal roof over the typical asphalt shingles popular in past residential construction. Metal roofing provides a highly durable covering for your house and comes in various colors and styles, making it easy to customize. If you’re considering an upgrade and wondering, “How long does a metal roof last?” call the roofing experts at Elite Remodeling Services at (952) 646-2480 for the answer to that question and more.

Types of Metal Roofs & How Long They Last

Metal roof lifespan depends on the type of roof you choose and how often you practice roof maintenance. Two major types of metal roofs dominate the industry, each with a different life expectancy.

Standing Seam Metal Roofs

Standing Seam Metal Roof

With proper installation, standing seam metal roofs can last longer than 30 years and sometimes as long as 50 years. This type of roof consists of metal roofing panels secured by seams.

For roofs with odd angles or multiple gables, standing seam metal roofs stand out as an aesthetically pleasing roofing choice.

Screw-Down Panel Metal Roofs

This type of metal roof relies on fasteners instead of seams, literally screwing down into your roof’s submaterial. Ideally used on homes with simpler roofing construction, screw-down panel metal roofs last between 20 and 30 years, depending on whether you practice maintenance or not.

Factors Affecting Metal Roof Lifespans

Factors Affecting Metal Roof Lifespans

Properly installed metal roofs provide decades of home protection from the elements. Keep reading to learn about the other factors that can affect how long your metal roof remains viable.

Roof Paint

Metal roofs may rust without a protective sealant over them. Choose a hardy paint proven to last through decades of wind, rain, and debris damage, like a Kynar 500 finish. Besides providing an extra layer of protection, Kynar 500 is available in various colors you can use to match your ideal house aesthetic.

Environmental Conditions

While you can’t control the weather, the conditions of Minnesota weather affect the answer to, “How will a metal roof last?” For instance, the nature of screw-down panel metal roofs puts them at risk of the natural expansions and contractions of the underlying roof structure. With regular maintenance, you can extend the life of screw-down roofs, but standing seam metal roofs perform better in Minnesota’s environment without as much need for maintenance.


Every type of metal roof needs routine maintenance. With regular roof inspections, you can catch potential problems before they grow and shorten your metal roof’s life expectancy.

Why Choose a Metal Roof?

Why Choose A Metal Roof

Now that you have a better understanding of how long metal roofs last, you may wonder what other benefits you gain with this type of roofing. Long used for commercial buildings and barns, residential metal roofs not only look great but function well against many of the problems plaguing traditional asphalt or tile roofing.

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Environmentally Friendly

Roofers can’t recycle asphalt or tile roofing shingles, leaving them to rot away in a landfill upon replacement. Metal roofs usually consist of up to 95% recycled metal, and when you need to replace your roof, all its panels and parts go into new metal constructions. This reduces your carbon footprint while contributing to a healthier overall environment.

High Wind Resistance

Winters in Minnesota can come with strong wind gusts that damage or rip pieces off of typical roofing materials. However, metal roofing panels withstand strong winds up to 180 miles per hour, providing a safer and more reliable roof during Minnesota storms.

Fire and Hail Resistance

Hail roof damage can destroy an asphalt roof and chip away at ceramic tiles, while fire spreads quickly on many types of roofing materials. Metal roofs don’t have the same weaknesses, providing an extra layer of protection that should make your home insurance provider smile.

Insect and Rodent Resistance

Termites can easily invade the cracks and crevices in most types of roof coverings, while pests like raccoons and squirrels might rip away parts of your roof in an effort to enter your attic. Metal roofing sheets provide a thick layer of resistance to such attacks, warding off pest problems and keeping your home safe and critter-free.

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