How To Choose The Right Color Of Siding For Your Home

How to Choose the Right Color of Siding for Your Home

Aside from the roof, siding is the most visible part of your home. The color of your siding can influence how you, your neighbors, and potential buyers view your house. If you need siding services or are thinking about remodeling your Minnesota home, call Elite Remodeling Services at (952) 646-2480.

Choosing the Right Siding Color

Color influences mood. The right color can make your house look warm and inviting, while the wrong one can make it look menacing or tacky. The following strategies can help you choose the right color for your siding.

Look at your neighborhood

A good first step for deciding on a color for your siding is to drive around your neighborhood or walk down your street. Whether you choose to blend in or stand out, you want your house to look good next to the other houses.

You also want to pay attention to the landscaping of your home. If you have some stand-out colors from flowers, bushes, or lawn furniture, you may want to choose a neutral color for your house. If the landscape is minimal, you could opt for a brighter color.

Lastly, you want to assess the climate of your area. While the summer sun will make your house look brighter, it may look entirely different in the fall and winter. You should also check with your neighborhood homeowners’ association to see if there are any restrictions regarding house colors in your area.

Find your house’s personality

You want a color that matches not only your character but the character of your house. You can do this by:

  • Considering the architecture of your home

Is your house cottage-style? Victorian? Different architecture demands different color schemes. An older styled home tends to be more subdued in color than a modern one.

  • Looking at the color of your roof

If you are repainting or remodeling your home, you should consider your roof color. If you have a dark roof, you may not want to choose a dark color scheme. If you are also replacing your roof, you should consider how the roof and siding color will complement each other.

  • Mimicking other home styles

Maybe you are building a completely new house. In that case, you can look at your favorite home styles for inspiration. If you are trying to achieve a specific look, you’ll want to know the material that works best. Your siding material can dictate your color options.

You also want to consider the colors of your windows, doors, and railings. Will your siding color complement them?

Request samples

If you aren’t sure, you can get samples of siding in different colors. Samples will help you see how the color matches your environment and how it looks during the day and night. While a color may look one way online, it can look different in person.

When you get your sample, be sure to consider the size of your house. Even if you like the color, it may be overwhelming on a large scale.

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