Roofing Coronavirus

Serving the Roofing Needs of Our Customers During the Coronavirus

You can count on us here at Elite Remodeling Services to do our part as the coronavirus continues to change the landscape of day-to-day life. As we alter our working practices in Farmington, Minnesota and across the country, we need to keep safety uppermost. Here at Elite Remodeling Services, we’re following all guidelines set out by the government, the CDC, and health agencies so your health and safety remains our priority.

What happens, though, if you need some urgent roofing repairs carried out? We’ve got you covered! At Elite Remodeling Services, we’re able to go about our business in Farmington, Minnesota while adhering to all guidelines in place.

COVID-19 is still spreading so we need to remain vigilant and stay at home as directed whenever possible. We are able to mobilize our team since so much of the work we do needs no social interaction at all. How do we achieve this?

In a word, technology. We carry out the majority of our work outside your home. We take advantage of satellite imagery to reduce time spent on site. We can gather all the data we need remotely. Video calls cut down on the need for face-to-face meetings while paperless documents signed electronically also reduce contact. Beyond all this, our team is fully aware of the need for social distancing and we make sure they implement this. You can rely on Elite Remodeling Services to get the job done without putting you or your family in danger.

Whether you’re a new client or you’ve been with us for years, we’ll take care of business without compromising your safety during these tough times. Thanks for your continued support and you can count on Elite Remodeling Services to keep going in a crisis.

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