How To Hang Christmas Lights Without Damaging Your Roof

How To Hang Christmas Lights Without Damaging Your Roof

When the holiday season is around the corner, it’s time to plan your Christmas lights! Whether you’d like to hang a few strands of icicle lights or go all out with a spectacular rooftop display that’ll make the neighbors jealous, you need to know how to hang those Christmas lights without damaging your roof.

Installing lights may seem straightforward, but if you do it incorrectly, you could cause roof damage that requires professional repair. At Elite Remodeling Services, we’re roof experts who have served the Minneapolis metro area for two decades with roof repair and replacement services. Learn how to install hanging lights safely and securely — without damaging your shingles.

Don’t Use Staples or Nails

You might think the best way to hang your holiday lights is to grab a hammer and some nails or staples to secure them to the roof. While it’s true that your lights won’t budge with this strategy, you’ll end up with holes in your shingles.

Holes in your shingles mean damage to your roof, which in turn can mean roof leaks, which is especially risky during our rainy and snowy Minnesota winters. Over time, moisture can build up and cause mold to grow. Your roof decking may also begin to rot, costing you a pretty penny in repairs.

In short, it’s best to avoid using staples or nails to hang Christmas lights, no matter how convenient they seem.

Achieve a Beautiful Light Display With Plastic Clips

Christmas Lights With Plastic Clips

If nails and staples are out, how can you securely attach Christmas lights to your roof so they don’t fall off mid-season? Plastic clips are the answer!

Versatile and affordable, these little clips allow you to hang lights on your gutter or shingles, as well as your roof’s eaves. Plus, they won’t damage your roof like staples and nails will.When shopping for plastic clips, you’ll see that they come in a few varieties. Here are a few common types of clips you’ll find:

  • All-in-one clips: These clips are ideal for attaching lights to shingles or gutters. However, avoid attaching lights directly to shingles if possible. Shingles are more delicate than they look, and you could accidentally break a few while hanging Christmas lights. Instead, it’s better to hang lights from the roof’s eaves.
  • Eave clips: These clips are perfect for attaching lights to your roof eaves.
  • Clip-to-the-bulb: These clips, as the name suggests, fasten directly to each bulb in a string. They’re a good option if you prefer to keep all your lights pointing the same way.
  • Clip-to-the-line: You can fasten these clips to the light string rather than the bulb. They’re ideal for rope or icicle lights that don’t need precise positioning.
  • Flat roof clips: Flat roof clips are great for stucco homes with flat tile roofs. If regular clips aren’t an option because your roof lacks eaves, try these.

Should You Install Christmas Lights on Your Gutter or Shingles?

Hanging Christmas Lights On Shingles Or Gutters

Unsure where to hang your Christmas lights? That all depends on the type of lights you have. Heavier bulbs are better suited to hanging on gutters, which are strong enough to stand up to their heft. If you must hang lights from your shingles, choose lightweight strands that won’t pull on and damage them.If you aren’t sure where or how to hang your Christmas lights to avoid damage, call an experienced roofer for advice.

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Hanging Christmas lights is a fun way to kick off the holiday season, but it’s easy to damage your roof if you’re not careful. If you’ve broken shingles or damaged your gutters while hanging lights on your roof, contact Elite Remodeling Services for repair right away.

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