Roof Snow Guards For Homes Minneapolis

What Are Roof Snow Guards?

If you live in Minneapolis or the surrounding cities, snow is an unavoidable part of winter. Learning how to prepare your home for the upcoming winter storms can help you prevent the headache of costly repairs. So, what are roof snow guards, and do you need them for your home?

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What Are Roof Snow Guards?

Roof snow guards are devices installed on your roofing system that allow snow to melt or fall off your roof in smaller portions rather than large sheets. The purpose of roof snow guards is to prevent roof avalanches, which can occur when all of the snow and ice from your roof release at once.

Without snow guards, the layer of snow on your roof can melt slowly, causing ice to build up underneath. This ice can act as a slippery sled, launching the entire blanket of snow off your roof all at once. Roof avalanches can damage the lower roof area or gutters while placing surrounding objects or people at risk.

There are a few different types of snow roof guards that work in different ways. Most systems offer snow retention to prevent total avalanches, so the snow can melt and fall gradually.

Different Types of Snow Guards

Types Of Snow Guards

The most common types of snow guards include the following:

  • Snow birds or clips: Snow birds are usually only a few inches tall and the shape of a seashell. Roofers install them horizontally along the panels of your roof to help snow release at different times.
  • Snow rails: Snow rails are longer, taller parallel bars that run along the length of the roof. Rails work best for heavier snow loads or commercial roofs.
  • Fence guards: Fence guards use an assembly of two to four tubes in vertical alignments for steeper roofs or heavy snow loads.

When Do You Need Snow Guards on Your Roof?

Most roofs do not require roof snow guards. You may need a roof snow guard if you live in a high snowfall area, like Minneapolis, and have a metal roof. Corrugated metal and standing seam roofs often require snow guards, though it depends on the slope of the roof and how much snow your area typically gets.

Roof snow guards can help you prevent roof avalanches, ice dams, and numerous other issues that can occur with heavy snowfall. If you’re unsure whether or not your roof needs snow guards, you should schedule a professional roof inspection.

Do Shingle Roofs Require Snow Guards?

Snowing On Shingle Roof

Shingle roofs typically do not require snow guards. In some cases, if your shingle roof has experienced avalanches in the past due to its steep slope of heavy snowfall levels, your roofer may recommend installing snow guards.

Signs That You May Need Roof Snow Guards

If any of the following apply to you, you may want to consider installing roof snow guards:

  • You regularly get heavy snowfall
  • You have a sloped metal roof
  • You have a steep-sloped shingle roof
  • You’ve had roof avalanches in the past
  • Snow storms have damaged your gutters in the past
  • Your roof has ice dams
  • You’ve noticed signs of leaks inside your home

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