Extending Roof Lifespan

How You Can Extend The Life of Your Roof

As much as we’d love to imagine a home for life, the reality is that homes have expiry dates (at least their components do). All roofing materials have a limited lifespan after which they’ll need replacing. How you care for your home’s roof and property significantly affects when this will be necessary.

Neglecting roofing repairs can shorten the life of a home’s roof by several years (even decades), while scheduled maintenance can extend that lifespan in equal proportions. Be sure to call Elite Roofing Farmington MN at (952) 646-2480, for all roof inspections, repairs and installation work. Our professional service will leave you feeling confident of many more happy years in the home of your choice.

Tips to Extend Your Roof’s Lifespan

Check out these handy tips for extending the life of your roof:

Trim Overhanging Tree Branches

Keep Trees Trim To Prevent Roof Damage

Tree branches often provide shade for a home’s roof and large, mature trees on the property enhance its appearance, too, creating a welcoming milieu overall. Trees regularly shed leaves, twigs, seeds, acorns, needles, sap, debris, and residue, however. Branches also provide a perch for messy birds and a platform for squirrels and other wildlife!

Wet debris, including leaves and twigs, saps moisture against a home’s roof, increasing the risk of moss, algae and roof rot setting in. Avian droppings are caustic to roofing shingles, while critters scampering across a roof might loosen or crack the shingles and flashing. Squirrels and other wildlife also drop nuts, seeds, and other debris, requiring more frequent maintenance.

Trimming away tree branches reduces the risk of all that debris winding up on your home’s roof and removes an otherwise convenient perch for birds and wildlife. Proper tree pruning also reduces the risk of branches snapping off during a storm or strong wind, which may land on the roof or loosen tiles and other roofing components.

PRO TIP: Hire a professional for any tree trimming needed on your property. This ensures the safety of your home and the protection of the tree itself from damage and pruning!

Repair and Replace Shingles Promptly

Homes With Roof Damage Leaking

Shingles protect your home from roof leaks while guarding your home’s interior from damage. Cracked or torn shingles allow water to seep onto the roof components beneath them, while missing shingles increase the risk of severe damage and roof rot.

Note that shingles have an expected lifespan and tend to get dry or brittle as they age. They also soften and crumble. Replacing shingles before they show signs of severe damage and reach the end of the expected lifespan helps avoid extensive roof leak repair damage costs.

Low pressure roof washing protects shingles, while exposing damaged or missing shingles quickly. A professional power-washing contractor will easily notice areas of your roof that need attention. Making these replacements as soon as possible offers maximum protection for your home’s roof and interior.

Arrange for Regular Inspections

A homeowner can visually inspect a home’s crawl space or attic for leaks or climb a ladder to inspect their roof. A professional roof inspection, however, is the best choice for finding areas in need of repair and ensuring your home’s roofing components are in good condition. Professional help extends that roof’s lifespan!

A roofing contractor or inspector will typically examine the condition of roofing shingles and flashing around the chimney, dormers, and vents. They will also note the condition of your roof vents and pipes, chimney bricks, skylights or sun tunnels, eaves, and gutters. Most roofing contractors and inspectors will also examine a home’s attic or crawl space, looking for hidden signs of roof damage, water leaks, and mold.

Investing in an annual inspection can save a homeowner hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars. The cost of a roofing contractor or inspector pays for itself when you follow their recommendations for roof repairs and shingle replacement. It extends your roof’s lifespan and avoids more extensive and expensive repairs over time.

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