Ice Dam Removal & Repair Services In Minneapolis

Ice Dam Removal & Repair Services in Minneapolis

Experienced Ice Dam Repair in Minneapolis

If there’s one thing Minnesota is known for, it’s our freezing winter storms. Several feet of snow can accumulate in just a few hours, and with our frigid temperatures, that snow can take quite a long time to melt. The more snow and ice that builds up on your roof, the bigger the chance you’ll end up with an impenetrable ice dam.

Ice dam removal isn’t a task for the average homeowner. If you try to get rid of the ice yourself, you could seriously damage your roof. That’s why it’s best to have the pros at Elite Remodeling Services handle the job for you.

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What Are Ice Dams?

What Is An Ice Dam

Ice dam formation happens when ice and snow build up on your roof so heavily that they block water drainage. This typically happens in the winter when the indoor temperature of your home is warmer than the outside temperature. When the warmth from your home escapes through the roof, the snow melts, then refreezes once it reaches the colder parts of your roof.

If you don’t remove the dam, even more ice can build up behind it, and your roof simply isn’t designed to withstand that much weight. Your roof could collapse, or falling icicles may break off and hurt people walking below. If you notice heavy ice buildup on your roof, call us at 952-646-2480 for ice dam removal today.

Signs You Need Ice Dam Removal

If you notice any of these issues, call us for ice dam repair or removal:

  • Poor insulation is one of the leading causes of ice dams. If your insulation doesn’t have the right R-value, it allows heat to escape through the roof, which in turn causes ice to thaw and refreeze.
  • Poor ventilation can cause ice dams to develop too. If your soffit vents are blocked, air can’t flow properly between the top and underside of your roof.
  • Clogged gutters can put your roof at risk of ice dams. Leaves and twigs can block gutter downspouts, trapping water inside. Eventually, that water can back up and freeze, causing an ice dam.

Ice dams are known for damaging shingles due to the pressure they put on the roof. Constant thawing and freezing can also ruin shingles, which can cost hundreds or more to repair.

Ice dams can warp your gutters, too, and the water can seep inside your home’s insulation, destroying it.

Our Ice Dam Services

Elite Remodeling Services offers these ice dam services to homeowners in Minneapolis and nearby cities.

Ice Dam Removal

It’s simply unsafe to let ice dams sit on your roof for too long. Using hammers, pickaxes, or corrosive chemicals to remove ice dams can damage your roof and possibly injure you.

Call us for professional ice dam removal instead. We use steam to safely remove the ice and snow from your roof.

Ice Dam Repair

Has an ice dam damaged or destroyed your roof? If so, we can remove the dam, then assess the damage and make a plan for repair.

Ice Dam Prevention

It’s much easier to prevent ice dams than it is to remove them or fix the damage they cause. While we can’t do anything to stop Minnesota’s infamous weather, we can ward off ice dams by installing heat cables in your roof. These heat cables prevent snow from thawing and refreezing, and no thaw-refreeze cycle means no ice dams.

Call Elite Remodeling Services for Ice Dam Removal or Repair

Do you have ice dams on your roof that just seem to keep getting bigger by the day? Don’t wait for that ice to wreck your home; call Elite Remodeling Services for ice dam removal right away! We can also repair damage due to ice dams or install heating tape for ice dam prevention.

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