Is Summer a Good Time to Put on a New Roof

Is Summer a Good Time to Put on a New Roof?

Did your roof spring a leak or two this winter? Elite Remodeling Services is here to help. Summer is just the time for a new roof. The snow and rain have stopped falling, and the warmer temperatures are drying up the damp. Of course, any time is a good time for a new roof if you have a crisis or a storm took a good chunk off, but the best and safest time is summer.

A new roof doesn’t have to be inconvenient

Not in the mood for a mess, noise, sawing, hammering, drilling, thrown away shingles, and people in your space? Totally understandable. Nobody likes to be surrounded by a dusty, noisy, mess all day. Your new roof installation could be the perfect excuse for a fun two-week adventure — book an exciting vacation or a trip to somewhere peaceful and quiet. Go on a road trip and see some family you haven’t visited in a while. Arrange for safe storage of your things while our crew is busy and go have some fun. Think of it as the “non-negotiable summer vacation” that will make you take a break from hustling!

The benefits of installing a new roof in summer

Elite Remodeling Services can serve all year-round, but when the heavens open, our crew is obviously not safe on top of a building. Heavy weather brings interruptions, delays, more safety risks, and can cause complications in certain cases. All of this can also result in higher costs for labor and materials if any damage occurs during the process due to the weather. For instance, if the temperature drops too low, new shingles can become brittle and break.

Storms may be what bring us to you, but only once the skies have cleared! Summer temperatures are by far the most optimal and safe working conditions—and the most optimal for installing your roof. During roof construction, certain spots must be thoroughly dry for proper progress and the best results. Many roofing products that use adhesives need warmer temperatures to activate and set properly. No to mention you don’t want to trap moisture under your newly installed roof. Moisture problems are one of the primary reasons for roof replacement or repair in the first place.

In short, if you choose to install a new roof in summer, you get:

  • Your new roof done on time
  • No additional costs for materials due to bad weather and related damages
  • No additional costs for labor due to delays from bad weather
  • Your summer break!

Get the best roof over your head, guaranteed

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