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Why Roof Flashing is Important & How it Protects Your Home

Your home’s roof is comprised of more than just shingles! There are many components that make up a strong and durable roof, and one important component of a high-quality roof is flashing. Without quality flashing in good repair, your home’s interior will suffer water leaks and resultant mold growth. If you suspect flashing problems on you home or office we provide quality roof inspections. For more information about the importance of flashing and all roof repairs you need to have done, call the renovation experts at Elite Remodeling Services at (952) 646-2480.

What Is Roof Flashing?

Roof flashing is a barrier material designed to protect a roof’s valleys, seams, joints, and edges from water damage, fallen twigs, storm debris, and the like. Flashing is also installed around skylights, vents, dormer windows, pipes, and chimney stacks, sealing gaps and cracks between those pieces and the roof’s surface.

Why a Home Needs Roof Flashing

Water is most likely to seep into a home’s roofing materials around the valleys and seams connecting the roof sections. It also stagnates in the gaps around vents and along the edges of chimneys. Flashing provides a solid barrier in these areas, preventing a roof’s materials from absorbing water or pooling in the dips and cracks of a roof.

Flashing is vitally important for your home’s roof and interior water leaks are often caused by poor-quality, damaged, or missing flashing! Water damage to a home’s structure, drywall, ceilings, and interior surfaces is typically costly and time-consuming to repair, too. It risks mold and mildew forming behind walls and under carpets and carpet padding.

To better understand the importance of quality flashing installed properly on your home’s roof, note some vital details about various flashing materials. Remember to discuss your options with a roofer so you know you make the best choice for your home, based on its overall structure as well as your budget!

Roof Flashing Materials

Copper is often pricey, but still a popular roof flashing material. It is resistant to corrosion and has a long lifespan compared to other options. Copper is also somewhat malleable and easy to install.

Polished copper offers an attractive color which enhances the appearance of a home’s roof and makes it appear less industrial. Aluminum, galvanized steel, and lead flashing are also popular choices for homeowners and roofers. These materials are all strong and durable.

Lead is typically very affordable although not as malleable and eco-friendly as other flashing materials. When choosing flashing material for your home’s roof, consider its replacement costs as well as its expected lifespan. While some flashing materials are more expensive to purchase and install, they might remain a more cost-effective option over the years!

How to Tell if Roof Flashing is Damaged

A full inspection by an experienced roofer is the best choice for spotting damaged roof flashing. Here are other signs that it’s time to replace the flashing on your home’s roof:

  • Standing water anywhere outside the home.
  • Standing water on the roof.
  • Water leaks inside a home, especially around a chimney, dormer window, or any component protected with flashing.
  • Mold and mildew forming behind walls might signal water leaks in the roof, often the result of damaged flashing.
  • Cracks along a chimney front might indicate damaged flashing around the area where the chimney meets the home’s roof.

Roof Flashing Repair Is Not a DIY Job!

While high-quality flashing in good repair is vital for protecting your home from water damage, flashing repair is not a DIY job! Metal flashing is sharp around the edges. It is also often heavier and more cumbersome than many homeowners realize.

Your home’s roof, chimney, vents, pipes, and other components also need a thorough inspection for potential damage before flashing repairs. Damaged, worn, or missing flashing often leads to cracks and leaks around vents, pipes, and chimneys. Installing new flashing without making proper repairs to the roof and its components increase the risk of internal water damage.

To ensure your home’s roof flashing is installed correctly, rely on the home improvement experts at Elite Remodeling Services, (952) 646-2480, for all the roofing repairs you need.

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