Preparing Your Roof For Fall

Preparing Your Roof for Fall in Minnesota

No one wants to look at a dingy roof all fall. Protect your roof with proactive maintenance from Elite Remodeling, and preserve your roof’s look and performance. Give us a call today and start seeing the benefits tomorrow.

Clean the Gutters

We get it. Cleaning gutters probably isn’t high on your to-do list. If you’re going to pull out the ladder and scrap leaves out of the gutters, now is the time to do it.

Clogged gutters increase the likelihood of water damage. A backlog of sticks, leaves, and other debris prevents rainwater from leaving your roof. The collection area can become a haven for rot, mold, mildew, and other unwanted pests.

According to, Farmington, MN, gets more than 32 inches of rain a year, and 45 inches of snow. Clean gutters give that precipitation an open pathway away from your roof. Preventative maintenance also saves you potentially more expensive or extensive roof repairs later.

Not a fan of cleaning the gutters? Let our roofing experts at Elite Remodeling Services install gutter guards. The perforated metal strip goes over the top of your gutters, allowing water to drain away from the property and debris to fall by the wayside. The one-time investment will save you countless hours of cleaning over the years.

Remove Debris

Removing debris provides more than an aesthetic benefit to your roof. Additional weight on your roof can compromise its structural integrity. While branches, pine needles, and leaves may not weigh a lot individually, the cumulative mass can weaken the supports holding up your roof.

Most households have asphalt shingles, so we do not recommend using a pressure washer to remove debris. You’re better off going on top of the roof and picking up the organic matter by hand or sweeping it on to the ground with a broom. If you see algae or moss stains on your shingles, use a mixture of cleaning chemicals, water, and bleach to spray down the problem areas.

Bolster Insulation

Anyone that’s spent time in Minnesota knows that the fall months are frigid. Fall is when people start bundling up to go outside and turning up the heat on their HVAC systems. Make sure your home has the proper insulation so that precious heat will not escape.

Insulation makes all the difference for your comfort and wallet. The insulating material fills in the gaps, pockets, and other hard-to-reach spots above your ceiling, preventing heat or sound from leaving the walls. Proper insulation has a high thermal capacity, reducing heat transfer from the indoors to the outdoors.

Poor insulation can’t readily trap warm air. As that heat rises through your home, some of it escapes through small holes or crevices in your roof. According to the Department of Energy, improper insulation can cost you 10% to 50% more on your heating bills.

Loose-fill and batts are the two most popular types of insulation. Loose-fill resembles large clumps of cotton that work well for DIYers and low-clearance attics. Batts come in thick padded rolls that you can spread over spacious attics with few obstructions and copious headroom.

Filling your attic with superior insulation is only half the battle. Have a roofing expert from Elite Remodeling Services fill in any cracks or holes in your roof. Sealing these small gaps gives your insulation the best chance of protecting your home.

If you’re ready to prepare your roof this fall, Elite Remodeling Services can help. We have years of experience repairing roofs, siding, gutters, removing debris, and bolstering home insulation throughout Farmington, MN and surrounding areas. Give us a call at (952) 646-2480 to set up a consultation or on-site inspection now.

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