Why Gutter Maintenance Is Important

Why Gutter & Roof Maintenance is so Important

Are you diligent about checking your roof and gutters for maintenance after stormy weather? It is well worth the effort, because if your gutters get clogged up with leaves too many times, you’re going to end up with major problems. If you don’t tend to your gutters, your roof will not last long.

Elite Remodeling Services in Minnesota is a storm damage restoration roofing company that can inspect your gutter system if you suspect you already have roof damage. Give us a call now for a free roof inspection (952) 646-2480.

What does gutter maintenance involve?

Gutter maintenance is about checking whether the pipes are secured properly, not leaking or broken, clean and free of debris and that the waterspouts clear well. If the debris not cleared and freezes over, your gutters can all be ruined, and you risk damaging your roof as well.

Gutters must be able to bear the pressure of heavy rains and snowfall and help clear it all off your roof. If you have gutter covers to keep leaves and other chunky types of debris out, check that they are also in good condition. Covers are a great help in terms of maintenance and well worth the investment.

Are your gutters secured properly? Gutter systems that are about 15 years old or more, are usually spiked to the fascia and will start coming off. It’s an older assembly method. More modern methods of screwing and strapping can help your gutters last even longer if you keep them clear and in good condition.

What do you do for roof maintenance?

Let’s start with the most important part: shingles. Check that your shingles are properly secured. If water gets in underneath shingles and freezes over, the frequent contraction and expansion every time will increase the gap between the roof and the shingle. It will let through more and more water.

The result can turn into a massive leak and water damage to your roof and the interior of your home. The older the shingles, the more outdated the methods of securing them to the roof, making thorough inspections and maintenance even more important.

Take a load off your roof

Another consideration is your roof’s ability to handle excess snow. If the weather isn’t favorable enough to let it melt and runoff in time, you could install heating cables in the bottom of the roof. This will help the melting process along so the water can then run off as it usually would. If you can manage it safely, use a roof rake to scrape off excess snow in winter and take the pressure off your roof. Be sure to do it without damaging your gutters!

Lastly, when you do an inspection, check the rest of your home as well. After a storm, there may be other spots of damage you wouldn’t notice unless you checked. Look for ice build-up, weak spots around the structure of your home, anything looking bent or misshapen. Take action promptly.

If you would like some help with an inspection after a bad storm, contact Elite Remodeling Services at (952) 646-2480 for a free inspection and estimate on materials and installation.

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