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Roofing and Siding Color Combination Choices

Having trouble choosing your roofing and siding colors? Let Elite Remodeling Services in Minnesota help you make the best choice to get the right look for your home. The key is to choose the right color combination with the right matching tones for the look you’re trying to create.

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Popular Colors & Tones

Cool colors

These are your purples, blues, and greens, regarded as relaxing colors that make you feel peaceful. The combination of grey and blue for roof and siding colors almost always looks great (unless the rest of your house is a completely opposite color of course).

Warm colors

These are your sunset colors – reds, yellows, and oranges. It brings an energetic vibe to the appearance of the roof and makes it stand out from its surroundings. Match your warm color choice with a matching tone of grey, particularly if your house is based in a rural or historical area. Round it off with decorative details in browns and other warm tones for a lovely finish.

Light shades

Are you a fan of white and pastel shades? This type of color combination creates a pleasing, clean, look and feel. Be sure to add one or two more solid tones to your choice of colors for variety and spark, or you may get bored of the pastel shades after a while. These light shades are also great for trim.

Fresh, living tones

Think yellows and greens in lighter or darker tones, depending on the vibe you are going for. These tones are typically suited to a casual place like a bungalow, or old neighborhoods with many trees. Your house will fit right into the picture.

Neutral colors

If you’re in the suburbs, especially in a modern development area, one of these is usually the top color choice – iron-gray, brown, or tan. They are a safe option and create a classy effect. Stick to the darker tones of these colors for roofing and siding combinations.

Dark colors

This includes the darker shades of grey, green, and blue. These classy colors are great for modern buildings and architecture. Choose darker shades to go with light or white trims for contrast and spark. The darker tones are also good for urban neighborhoods. If you’re great at combining a sense of the old with a twist of the new, these colors are your playground!

Extra tips for choosing your home’s colors

Once you’ve chosen your siding color, this will be the anchor for the rest of the picture. Choosing a dark color may feel intimidating, but it’s a good idea because it gives a good sense of placement and neutrality in the bigger picture. Lighter colors tend to stand out more.

Balance the contrast between your choice of siding color and the color of your trim. Subtle combinations are more pleasing to the eye and draw things together. Stark contrasts are startling and unsettling.

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