Emergency Roof Leaks

Emergency Roof Leaks & How to Handle Them

There is nothing more agonizing than the annoying drip or slow seeping effect of a leak in the house. At Elite Remodeling Services, your local professional, we know exactly what causes these leaks and how to fix them. Let’s explore how you can deal with an emergency roof leak more in-depth.

What causes a roof leak?

If you’ve recently had a storm, the damage may be obvious – a tree that’s fallen on the roof or wind that’s ripped off the shingles. Other times, roof leaks are caused by worn out shingles, faulty underlayment, excess moisture building up, or pests.

What can you do in the middle of a storm?

When the storm is raging outside, battering the house with heavy wind and rain, you must wait it out first, but there are ways to lessen the damage from a leak while you wait.

  • Check for immediate danger such as water reaching electricity outlets or appliances and creating shock risk. Remove and unplug the necessary while staying safe.
  • If there is a life-threatening or major immediate danger, call for help and evacuate. If you are at risk of having a tree crash down on the house, it can make the whole frame give way. Get out of there.
  • Don’t try and climb on the roof yourself while it’s raining.
  • Use buckets and empty containers to catch up the water where it’s leaking to at least avoiding flooding the floors and carpets.
  • If you’re based in Minnesota in the South Metro Area, call Elite Remodeling Services on (952) 646-2480 to reserve your slot for inspection and repairs once the weather clears.

What to do after the storm

Walk around outside and do a full inspection of your house and property, top to bottom. Check for missing shingles lying around, and for cracked and broken shingles on the roof. Remove foreign objects safely if possible or get professional help. Don’t attempt to remove a fallen tree on your own. They are much heavier than they look, and you can get yourself seriously injured. If you require immediate repairs, give Elite Remodeling Services a call. We are the roofing contractors Apple Valley MN and the surrounding area trusts!

Check for water damming up anywhere and use whatever you have on hand to prevent it from flooding another space in your home. Clear everything away that can cause injury or further damage.

Check the trees in your yard. If there are any dead branches, cut them off so they can’t snap off and get blown against your roof or house in the next storm. Prune trees that are close to the house, because storms can push them over against the wall and roof, causing serious damage.

Make a list of all the areas of damage on your roof, around your home, and inside your home. Take pictures as well. It comes in handy for insurance purposes. With your list in hand, you can call for professional help and get every leak and crack repaired and every broken shingle replaced.

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