Cedar Shake Siding Maintenance Tips

Top 5 Cedar Shake Siding Maintenance Tips

Cedar shake siding is a beautiful addition to any house. To keep the siding looking its best and extend its life, regular cedar shake siding maintenance is important.

Elite Remodeling Services has over 25 years of experience in cedar shake siding maintenance and installation in Burnsville, MN. Call us at (952) 646-2480 to see how we can help you with all your maintenance and installation needs. Meanwhile, here are five things you should know about looking after cedar shake siding:

#1: Treat the Wood

Untreated cedar shake siding naturally changes color as it weathers. Untreated cedar is beautiful, but it is also prone to damage from the elements and insects. The easiest way to preserve cedar shake siding is with a protective coat. This can be done in the factory, before installation. If shingles are already installed, there are a few treatment options:

  • Clear paint stain. This allows the natural color of cedar shake siding to shine through while protecting the wood. Stain offers longer protection than paint.
  • Color paint or stain. This provides a more formal look for cedar shake siding. Colored paint requires the application of a primer before the coat of color.
  • Bleaching oil. This is primarily used on white cedar shake shingles and gives them a weathered look while also providing protection.

#2: Protect from Moisture

Although cedar shake siding maintenance can’t stop water from getting on siding, it can minimize its damage. When water sits on the wood for extended periods, the wood degrades. To avoid this, there are a few things you can do:

  • Keep gutters clean so that overflowing water doesn’t drip down the siding.
  • Avoid debris collection in valleys where roofing and siding meet. Debris takes time to dry out, exposing the siding to dampness for longer than necessary.
  • Keep trees away from the house. Trees and shrubs close to the siding make it susceptible to drips and slower to dry.

#3: Control the Humidity Inside Your Home

Avoiding dampness within homes is another important part of cedar shingle siding maintenance. A few things can help prevent this:

  • Keep the home’s interior humidity around 40%.
  • Check caulking for damage and look out for other cracks and crevices in your home through which moisture, caused by interior humidity, can seep out to your siding.
  • Insulate attics carefully to maintain even temperatures and prevent moisture from leaking out and damaging the siding where it meets the roof.

#4: Inspect the Shingles

Cedar shake shingles are natural, making every shingle different. Individual shingles will age at different rates and be susceptible to various types of damage. Shingles on different sides of a house will also age at different rates depending on their relation to the sun. This is why regular inspection of shingles and replacement where necessary is vital to maintaining your cedar shake siding.

#5: Keep the Shingles Clean

Regular washing is important in cedar shingle siding maintenance. It keeps the shingles looking great and clears away molds, mildews, and other damaging substances.

Homeowners will sometimes do this with a regular hose, but professional cleaners can clean deeper and ensure no damage is done. Getting a professional cleaning at least every few years is recommended.

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