Failing Roof

Warning Signs That Your Roof Might Be Failing

There are several warning signs that help indicate whether your roof is failing. Elite Remodeling Services serves the South Metro Area of Minnesota and can lend an expert hand in inspecting your house for the following signs of the need for roof repairs.

Leaks on top

If your attic or upper rooms are showing signs of leaks, this could be due to ice build-up or water pooling after heavy weather. When all the ice melts and starts running over the waterproofing layer underneath your shingles, it can leak through if the waterproofing is worn out.

Leaks inside

If you see signs of peeling paint inside or outside of the house, excess moisture is getting trapped from poor ventilation or temperature extremes. Check your home’s vent systems and filters to make sure they are working properly. Make sure that appliances like dryers vent toward the outside. Bathroom vents and kitchen vents may also require a good cleaning.

Another sign of leaks inside is mold. It can show up as dark streaks and stains. The cause is again lack of proper ventilation resulting in excess moisture, the perfect environment for mold. It can also be caused by waterproofing that was poorly installed or that has become worn out. Mold and mildew inside a home is a health hazard and can make you sick, so this is an issue that requires prompt treatment.

Decay on the outside

If your house is showing signs of decay on the outside with peeling paint, curling shingles and parts that seem to be leaning on each other to stay upright, the cause may again be excessive moisture. If an inspection shows that it can be repaired, it may be worth installing a vapor barrier that will help keep extra moisture from going into a wall and eroding it.

Shingles that look like a bad night in town

If your roof is missing shingles or some shingles are peeling, crumbling and curling up, it’s time for a whole new set. This type of damage is not worth repairing one shingle at a time. Replace your roof as soon as possible.

Streaky roof

A roof with black streaks is not necessarily a failing roof. It’s just algae growing on there. You could clean the roof, but that may weaken the shingles further. Installation of a zinc or copper strip or replacement with algae-resistant shingles is more ideal. Replacement makes sense if your roof is older or shows other signs of damage. On the other hand, metal stripping requires cleaning the roof too, as it won’t eliminate current steaks, but will prevent further issues.

Expensive electricity bill

If your electricity bill is rising steadily, check that your cooling system is working properly and whether any excess moisture is coming in and damaging it. Poor ventilation can make your system work much harder than necessary, pushing up the cost.

If you are concerned about your roof failing, talk to Elite Remodeling Services today at (952) 646-2480. We can set up a free inspection.

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