Black Streaks Roof

Does Your Roof Have Black Streaks? Here’s Why.

After a hard day’s work, you drive home, and the sunset seems to be highlighting creepy black streaks on your roof. Are you wondering whether it’s an ominous sign of damage to your roof? Don’t worry! It’s only a little alga, and it won’t swallow your roof like a green monster. However, If left unattended, it could effect how long your roof will last. If you have damage, Elite Remodeling Services can fix it up for you, but first, let’s explain why the streaks exist in the first place.

How did the algae get on your roof?

Algae is a fungus, so the little spores travel through the air. Your roof may well not be the only one in your neighborhood with black streaks on it. Are your shingles made from asphalt? Alga grows well on that, especially the type of asphalt shingles that have loads of fillers in them that serve as a food source. The number one attraction for algae is limestone filler.

Heat and humidity can also boost algae growth — it’s the perfect fungus multiplier!

How can you prevent black streaks?

There are two options when it comes to keeping a shingle roof black streak-free—install algae-resistant shingles or a copper or zinc strips. Fully re-shingling your roof is obviously an expensive route, but copper or zinc strips are relatively affordable.

These are placed at the top of the roof-line so that as rain sheds it passes over the metal producing a runoff that deters both algae and moss. Of course, these strips won’t eliminate existing algae, for that you have to clean your roof.

How do you clean black streaks off a roof?

Unfortunately, the biggest necessity is elbow grease, but before you get out your cleaning supplies, first check out your home insurance and warranty. Don’t rush off to get a power cleaning machine — you will void your home insurance and warranty if you do, and moreover, you could totally wreck your shingles.

You could choose to leave the black, streaky algae alone. It’s not going to do any immediate harm or spread into the interior of your home. Though, over time, it can reduce the lifespan of your shingles. Regardless, if you simply can’t stand the look of it and want to clean it, there are some simple recipes online you can use or recommended products. But again, before you climb that ladder, take precautions:

  • Use gloves. Don’t get any of those recipes or products on your skin.
  • Check where the water is going to run off while you clean, so you don’t kill any plants unintentionally.
  • Wear sunscreen and non-slip shoes!
  • Don’t try to do it alone. Safety first.

Or better yet, leave your ladder alone. Make yourself a cup of tea and let Elite Remodeling Services come and help you.

Have a professional check your roof

No really! Did you know that on average over 28,000 people every year get injured falling off a ladder while performing home maintenance tasks? If you are afraid of heights, nerves and cleaning don’t go together.

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