Cleaning Up After Project

We Clean Up After Every Roofing Job!

Is your home ready for extensive roof repairs, a complete tear-off or partial roof replacement? A new roof means added insulation and less risk of water leaks inside the home. It also guarantees instant curb appeal from the outside!

While a new residential roof is an investment in your home, no one should have to deal with a messy yard full of old shingles and discarded materials after a reroofing project. To ensure a high-quality roofing job, as well as a full cleanup afterward, call the home improvement experts at Elite Remodeling Services at (952) 646-2480. Don’t fall victim to any common roofing scams.

Your Safety Is Key

One reason we ensure a through cleanup after every roofing job is that your safety is important to us! Old asphalt shingles and other roofing materials are typically full of nails, staples, and other sharp connectors that easily cause injury. Stepping on or touching any of these materials may be hazardous for both you and your pets.

Flashing, old shingles, and tiles also tend to have sharp, rough edges. Attempting to clean up your property alone after a roofing repair job is dangerous, no matter the amount of debris left behind.

Our roofing contractors bring a meticulous attention to detail to every home we service and that includes a thorough cleanup after the work is complete. We use thick, oversized tarps to help capture debris from a roof. We then perform a thorough inspection for any loose pieces.

You won’t need to risk your safety or the safety of your pets after our roofing repair or installation work is over!

We Care About Your Property

No doubt you’ve put a lot of time and effort into your home’s landscaping features, including shrubbery, flowers, and a beautiful lawn. Heavy roofing shingles as well as flashing, roofing paper, nails, and other debris break and snap delicate flowers and flatten even the hardiest grasses and shrubs.

Our team of roofing contractors cares for your property as they would for their own. Delicate landscaping is covered in protective tarps and more tarps and bins are used to catch debris and rubbish. While we do everything possible to protect your landscaping, we also know that accidents happen—it’s why we ensure damaged landscaping and shrubs are repaired or replaced as quickly as possible.

Customer Service Is Our Top Priority

At Elite Remodeling Services, we believe that customer service includes ensuring every homeowner is satisfied with every aspect of our visit to their home. That includes the condition of their house and garden after we leave!

No matter the quality of roofing repairs and installation, the job should never be considered complete until your property’s former condition is restored. We believe that if a contractor damages anything on a customer’s property, they should remedy their actions immediately. That includes replacing or repairing flattened shrubs and other landscaping features.

We are proud to set ourselves apart from other home renovation and repair companies in this regard. We do everything we possibly can to ensure that your house, garden features, and beautiful lawn and landscaping are in good shape and looking their best before we take our leave.

Don’t Hesitate to Ask!

If you’re considering hiring any residential roofing company, you should never hesitate to ask about their process for keeping your property clean during their work. A thorough cleanup after the job is done is part and parcel of the professional service you can expect from a reputable roofer. If they hesitate to explain in detail how they’ll protect your lawn and landscaping, this is a sure sign your property’s landscaping is not on their priority list!

For roofing repairs and new roof installation, as well as a thorough cleanup you can trust, rely on the home improvement experts at Elite Remodeling Services, 952-646-2480. Our team prides itself on their roofing repair experience as well as their meticulous cleanup services. If you have any questions about our roofing repair and installation services as well as our process for cleaning your property afterward, never hesitate to ask before, during, and after our visit!

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