Skylights On Roof

What You Need to Know About Skylights and Sun Tunnels

Skylights and sun tunnels are an excellent way of adding more natural light to a home. This applies to rooms with small windows and others where large windows aren’t necessary, such as the bathroom! Natural light creates a welcoming space, improving a home’s atmosphere and contributing positively to healthy sleep patterns.

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If you’re planning on a renovation or looking for a way to capitalize on natural light, consider the addition of a skylight or a sun tunnel. There are some clear differences between these fixtures. The pros and cons of each are discussed below to help you make an informed decision.

Pros & Cons of Skylights & Sun Tunnels


A skylight is attached to the roof of the home and allows light into the area beneath it. Skylights can be operable, meaning they are opened and closed with an attached wand or a motorized mechanism. A motorized skylight might be equipped with a remote, allowing you to operate it from anywhere in the house!

Skylights can be installed in virtually any room of the home with direct access to the roof, including the attic and the garage. An operable skylight increases air circulation around the home, providing heat and humidity with a convenient exit point during the summertime. On dark days, a skylight decreases the need for electrical lighting, reducing utility costs and keeping your home bright and inviting.

If you decide on a skylight, ensure it is installed by an expert; and prepare for regular inspections over the years. Poor sealing or moisture around the edges of the skylight could result in water leaks and roof-rot, so maintenance is important. While high-quality skylights resist the impact of storms, falling branches, and other debris well, low-quality skylights tend to crack or break when hit with debris and degrade with age.

Sun Tunnels

A sun tunnel brings light to any room of the home, even those without direct access to the roof or an outside wall. Sun tunnels collect light from a globe installed on the home’s roof and then direct that light down a metal tube or tunnel. The reflective metal installed in a sun tube doesn’t allow the light to dim as it travels so you can have bright, natural sunlight in any room of the home, including the basement!

Sun tunnels come in a wide variety of sizes so they’re an excellent option for bringing sunlight to small spaces in the home, such as closets or cramped kitchens. The rounded shape of the sun tunnel’s globe encourages rain and snow to fall away from it, reducing the risk of damage due to the weight of standing water or layers of heavy snow.

While sun tunnels are an excellent option for adding sunlight to lower levels of the home or spaces too small for a skylight, note that these tunnels are sealed to allow light to travel uninterrupted. In turn, sun tunnels don’t open and close, so they bring in light but not air! While sun tunnels are typically far less expensive than skylights, their cost goes up based on the number of stories through which you install the tunnel as well as the size of the tunnel you choose.

Choosing a Fixture for Your Home

Consider your installation budget and the expected lifespan of a skylight and a sky tunnel. A low-quality skylight that is cheap to install could mean higher repair costs over time. That’s a poor investment choice.

It’s also wise to consider whether you want to improve the air circulation within your home. If the answer is yes, choose an operable skylight over a sun tunnel, for example.

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