When To Replace Roof Decking

When to Replace Roof Decking

When most homeowners think about roof maintenance and replacement, the roofing shingles usually come to mind. Although roofing shingles are what weatherproof your roof, they are not the only part of your roof that you should consider. Sometimes, replacing shingles is not what a damaged roof needs.  It may be that the roof decking needs replacement.

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What Is Roof Decking?

What Is Roof Decking

Roof decking or sheathing is what forms the foundation of your roof. The roof deck consists of rectangular wooden boards over the roof’s rafters that close in the attic.

Two common types of roof decking are plywood and Oriented Strand Board (OBS). Plywood tends to be denser, but OBS tends to be more affordable.

You can’t usually see your roof deck because underlayment and shingles cover it, but that won’t stop any damage from compromising the structure of your home.

Keep reading to learn more about damage to roof decking and how you know it’s time to replace it.

What Causes Roof Deck Damage?

Roof Deck Damage

Heavy Snow

Here in Minnesota, we’re no strangers to heavy snowfalls. Roof decking may become warped or broken under the weight of heavy snow, especially if your home has a flat or low-angle roofing structure and the snow remains for an extended period.

Overflowing Gutters

If your gutters get clogged, overflowing water spills along the edges of your roof and may eventually find its way to the roof decking. When this moisture soaks into the soffit and fascia, and ultimately into the deck, water damage on the roof and inside the home can be significant.

Missing and Compromised Shingles

Excess moisture may also reach the roof decking because of missing or broken shingles. Roofing shingles are what protect your roof from rain, snow, wind, and UV light. Missing or compromised shingles expose the roofing deck to these elements, causing damage over time.

Poor Attic Ventilation

Part of the attic’s job in your home is to evaporate excess moisture and humidity. Poor attic ventilation means the moisture won’t evaporate efficiently, causing water damage and other problems over time. These include mold and mildew growth and the warping of the roof decking.

Four Signs You Need To Replace Your Roof Decking

So, how do you know when you need to replace your roof decking? As with any aspect of home maintenance, the best thing you can do is not ignore problems, even when they seem minor. A tiny water stain on the ceiling can quickly grow into a substantial structural issue.

Don’t ignore the following signs that your roof decking may need replacement.

1. Roof Leaks and Water Stains

If you’re putting pots and pans under roof leaks every time it rains, your roof decking probably needs replacing. Other signs that your roof deck is leaking are water stains. They may show up on ceilings, walls, rafters, or even under wallpaper.

2. Sagging Roofline or Ceiling

If you notice a ceiling in your home is starting to sag, you could have a roof decking issue. If you suspect sagging, stand outside your house from a decent distance, and inspect your roofline. If it hangs lower in one direction, you may need to replace your roof deck.

3. Mold and Mildew Growth

If water stains don’t betray excess moisture in your roof deck or home interior, mold and mildew growth will. Keep an eye out for mold in your attic, as this is a sure sign of excess moisture that may have already soaked your roof decking.

4. Damage Around Roof Fixtures

If your home has a chimney, a skylight, or another type of roof fixture, keep an eye on the roof around it. When you find water damage and other concerns around roof fixtures, it may indicate a problem with the roof decking.

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