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Who Do I Call for a Flat Roof Repair in Minneapolis?

When your flat roof suffers damage, you can’t just call any roofing contractor in Minneapolis. A flat roof repair requires another level of expertise in water drainage, reinforcement techniques, leak identifications, and more. You need a team with superior knowledge and experience in flat roofing materials.

Below, our expert roofers at Elite Remodeling Services discuss what you need to know about finding the best contractors for your flat roof repair. If your system suffers damages, don’t hesitate to call Elite Remodeling Services in Farmington, MN, at (952) 646-2480 to schedule a free estimate for your repair.

What Can Cause Damage to a Flat Roof?

Before diving into the selection process for your flat roof repair, let’s discuss the various factors that can damage your roof. Understanding these can help you learn when to call your contractors for roof repairs so that underlying issues don’t worsen over time. The top culprits of flat roof damage include the following:

  • Leaks
  • Falling debris, often after a storm
  • Plant or mold growth
  • Sudden and extreme temperature fluctuations
  • Hail and lightning storms
  • Heavy loads of snow
  • Poor drainage solutions
  • Poor ventilation
  • Wear and tear

How To Tell When Your Flat Roof Needs Repairs

Ponding Water On Flat Roof

If any of the above rings true, your flat roof may need repairs. If your roof suffered damage after a recent storm or from simple wear and tear, it will likely show a few signs. Here are the top signs indicating flat roof damage:

  • Stains on the walls or ceilings in your upper rooms or attic
  • Damaged flashing
  • A blistering membrane
  • Ponding water
  • Buckling, cracked, or damaged panels
  • Debris, moss, or mold on top of the system

Flat roofs often begin showing signs of damage at around the 15-year mark. Whether your roofing system has reached the end of its lifespan or you were recently hit with a severe storm, you’ll need to find a professional with experience in flat roof repair jobs.

Knowledge and Experience Required for Flat Roof Repairs

Flat roofing systems contain different components than slope roof systems as the flat angle does not offer natural water drainage. To repair a flat roof, contractors must have ample knowledge and experience in the common types of materials and components used for water diversion.

For example, EPDM synthetic rubber roofing repairs require a special type of primer and compatible membrane patches for leak sealing. On the other hand, TPO and PVC flat roofs typically require heat-welded repairs using field membranes or flashing material, depending on where the leak occurred. Built-up roofs and some modified bitumen systems may require plastic cement or asphalt-impregnated fabric to seal off the leak.

Aside from understanding the different applications involved in sealing leaks, the process of locating the source of the leak is also highly complex in flat roof repairs. While you may see water stains or pooling in one area, the source of the leak could be 30 feet away, affecting a widespread area. You must find contractors who are highly knowledgeable in leak detection, water diversion, and timely repairs across all common flat roofing materials.

What To Look for in a Flat Roof Repair Company

When comparing flat roof companies, here are some qualities you should look for:

  • Commercial roofing services: Residential roofers do not always have flat roofing experience, whereas contractors with commercial roofing services often possess such expertise.
  • Industry experience: How many years of experience does the contractor have in flat roof repairs?
  • BBB accreditation: Is the company accredited by the Better Business Bureau, and what is their rating?
  • Licensing, certifications, and insurance: Your roofing contractor should be licensed, insured, certified, and highly trained for safe and long-lasting repairs.
  • Customer reviews: Customer reviews can speak volumes about a company’s success, transparency, and authenticity.

Call Elite Remodeling Services for Your Flat Roof Repair in Minneapolis

When you need a flat roof repair from experts who possess all the above qualities, call Elite Remodeling Services in Farmington, MN, at (952) 646-2480 for a free estimate.


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