Why Every Roof Needs An Ice And Water Shield

Why Every Roof Needs an Ice and Water Shield

If you’re beginning the process of installing a new roof, you need to consider all of the added features that could improve your investment. One product to consider adding to your new roof installation is an ice and water shield.

An ice and water shield is a protective underlayment that can prevent ice dams from forming on your roof and water from seeping into the decking. Read on to learn why every roof needs an ice and water shield.

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What Is an Ice and Water Shield?

Ice And Water Shield Underlayment

An ice and water shield is a sticky, self-adhesive underlayment material that prevents moisture from seeping through your roof decking. This shield goes under your roof tiles to create a protective barrier, stopping water and ice from penetrating the roof.

Ice and water shields typically consist of modified polymer bitumen that can create a water-tight seal on the roof deck and around the nail fastenings. They also contain a slip-resistant top surface that can prevent shingles from falling off the roof after water and ice exposure.

Where Should You Install Ice and Water Shields?


Some homeowners choose to install ice and water shields over their entire roof decking. Doing so can maximize your protection against moisture and help the tiles throughout your roof adhere better.

However, if you’d rather not pay to cover your entire roof with this underlayment material, you can install it in locations that are more susceptible to moisture build-up and ice dams. Here are the best places to place ice and water shields:

  • Eaves and roof edges
  • Valleys
  • Chimneys
  • Vents
  • Skylights
  • Flashing

5 Reasons to Install an Ice and Water Shield on Your Roof

Installing An Ice And Water Shields

An ice and water shield can produce numerous benefits for your roofing structure. Almost every home in Minnesota should have some sort of ice and water shield due to the fridge temperatures.

Every roof can benefit from an ice and water shield, and we strongly recommend this underlayment product to every roofing installation customer we work with. Here are a few reasons to install an ice and water shield:

Prevents Ice Dams

One of the most significant benefits of an ice and water shield is preventing ice dams from forming on your roof.

Ice dams often form when snow on your roof melts and re-freezes throughout the day, creating a barrier that stops water from flowing throughout the roof and to the gutters. These blockages can create significant damage to your roofing structure, but installing an ice and water shield can effectively prevent them from forming.

Acts as a Waterproof Barrier

Ice and water shields also provide a protective barrier against water.

Heavy rainfall can cause water to seep under your roof tiles and eventually enter your attic. However, an ice and water shield can create a water-tight barrier that keeps your decking dry.

Protects Your Roof Against Strong Winds

Many homeowners are surprised to learn that ice and water shields can also protect against heavy winds. Wind damaged roofs are extremely common after storms.

These underlayment materials contain a sticky adhesive backing and a rubbery coating that ensures a tight bond between the underlayment and the shingles or tiles on the roof. This slip-resistant surface can help your shingles adhere to your roof during windstorms, preventing them from flying off and necessitating costly repairs.

Ensures That You Meet Building Codes

Some cities require new roofs to have ice and water shields. Failing to comply with these codes can leave you with expensive fines and time-consuming renovations on your hands.

However, installing an ice and water shield now can ensure that you meet all building codes related to these underlayment materials.

Gives You Peace of Mind

Finally, installing an ice and water shield can give you and your family peace of mind that your roof will remain protective for many years to come. This underlayment can help your roof last longer and prevent damage, reducing the stress of maintaining your roof over time.

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