Missing Shingles

I Think My Roof Is Missing Shingles

Does your roof look like a child who’s just lost a couple of teeth? You may have some roof shingles that need replacing. Elite Remodeling Services is an licensed contractor serving the South Metro Area of Minnesota. If you are finding shingles lying on the ground, it’s time to do a thorough inspection of your roof to figure out the cause and repair it.

Why your roof is missing shingles

There are many potential causes of missing shingles, some more obvious than others. Here are a few of the most common culprits.


The first and most apparent cause can be the wind. A couple of furious gusts blowing upward against your roof is enough to rip some asphalt shingles out. If you’ve only lost a few, you can easily have them replaced without further worry about your roof. Just be sure to give your roof a good checking over after every storm to keep track of it.

If it’s more than a few, it may be worth considering a full replacement. If wind is doing that much damage, there’s a good chance you have aging or damaged shingles, to begin with.


The second cause is usually age. If your roof shingles are asphalt and around the 15-year mark, it may be time to replace the whole roof. Old shingles usually curl, crumble, or fall off. Curling and cracking happen due to extreme temperatures and weather, and the only remedy is a full replacement. Don’t take too long to plan for replacement, because the more shingles go missing, the more damage your home can suffer when the next rainfall comes. If you need immediate repairs, contact the Lakeville roofing contractors at Elite Remodeling Services.

Incorrect installation

The third cause may be faulty installation (if you haven’t had any high winds or storms). If you have brand new shingles coming off, you need to contact your roofing contractor to discuss the problem. They may have followed the manufacturer’s instructions incorrectly, or there may be some other issue. The roofing contractor will have to come and do a thorough inspection to determine the problem and provide you with a solution.

Extra tip: Keep track of exactly how many roof shingles have come off or gone missing. Note whether the shingles are new, a couple of years old, cracked, curled, or covered in algae. Take photographs and date your records. This information will help your roofing contractor determine the cause and calculate an estimate for the repairs. In the future, you will also have a record of how long it’s been since the previous roof repair was done and by whom. Your insurance company may also find this information useful if you need to file a claim.

If you would like a consultation on your roof’s missing shingles, call Elite Remodeling Services at (952) 646-2480. We’ll be happy to help determine the cause and give you an estimate for repairs. We are based in Minnesota and have been serving the community with expert roof repairs for over 18 years.

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