Roof Fire Damage Repair Replacement

Do You Need Roof Fire Damage Repair or Replacement?

Without a healthy roof, your family, the interior, and your home’s structure would face the elements and weather extremes unprotected. Unfortunately, many events can cause roof damage, one of the worst being house fires.

House fires are devastating events that could damage your entire home. If your home endures a fire, call professionals immediately for roof fire damage repair. Getting repairs quickly gives your home the best chance at recovery.

Elite Remodeling Services offers fire damage roof replacement and repair for homes that suffered these damaging events. Call (952) 646-2480 to schedule roof fire damage repair in Farmington, Apple Valley, Burnsville, Eagan, and Lakeville, MN, today!

Common Causes of House Fires

Common Causes Of House Fires

Knowing some of the common causes of house fires can help you avoid these devastating events.

  1. Electrical Shortages – Electrical shortages can cause fires. Whether from animals chewing a wire or an accidental trip, sparks from live wires are a common cause of house fires.
  2. Gas Leaks – Homes without gas alarms could face the risk of fire-causing leaks. Ensure you enlist routine gas line check-ups to avoid an accidental fire.
  3. Open Flames – Leaving candles or gas stoves on while unattended is never a good idea. These open flames are some of the primary causes of house fires.
  4. Smoking Indoors – Smoking inside is inadvisable. Open flames from cigarette butts could fall onto furniture and start fires.
  5. Fireworks – When July 4th rolls around, so do the 911 calls. If you had a roof fire caused by fireworks, contact Elite Remodeling Service for repairs.
  6. Lightning Strikes – While it’s not everyday that lightning strikes your home, but it does happen and the results can be catastrophic.


Types of Damage After a House Fire

There are three major types of damage after a house fire that will likely require roof fire damage repair. While these different damage types may not seem pertinent to your roof, even minor issues could require fire damage roof repair.

Fire Damage

Fire damage is the most obvious issue you’ll face after a house fire. This form of damage can cause structural issues for your home, holes, and completely destroy rooms.

Fire damage compromises a roof’s structure and requires a fire damage roof replacement. Repairing this crucial home feature might be a necessary first step to allow further repairs to take place.

Ash Damage

Fires release copious amounts of ash and dust into your home’s interior. Even if the fire doesn’t completely destroy your home’s structure, the remaining dust and ash can be toxic to the air.

Furthermore, the remaining ash can further degrade walls, ceilings, and roof surfaces, requiring fire damage roof repair.

Water Damage

Fire Water Damage

While attempting to put out a fire, firefighters will use any means necessary to stop the blaze. These measures might include making holes in your roof and dousing your house with water.

Even after the fire dies down, the water used will remain resulting in extreme water damage. As a result, some of the worst damage from a house fire might come afterward from standing water.

Steps to Take for Fire Damage Roof Repair

Knowing the steps to take after a house fire will help you recover more quickly. Read below to learn what you can do to begin roof fire damage repair in a timely manner.

Call Insurance Immediately

Home insurance usually covers fire and water damage restorations after these devastating events. Calling your insurance company immediately helps validate your coverage and gives you the best chance at filing successful claims. Don’t wait to take this critical step.

Get Recommendations From Fire Damage Professionals

Asking neighbors and friends for a trusted roofing company recommendation can give you some helpful leads to companies that may be able to address your roof’s damage. Ensure you read reviews and speak to any company you’re considering before hiring them.

Salvage Any Undamaged Items in your Home

Removing any undamaged possessions from your home before repair work begins is crucial. Since your house likely requires extensive structural work and major roofing repairs after a fire, you’ll want to ensure that undamaged items remain safe. Create the space for repairs to take place by retrieving these items beforehand.

Allow Roofers to Handle the Rest

Finally, let your professional roofers handle the rest. Enduring a house fire can be both a financially and emotionally taxing experience. With the stress of losing your home or temporary displacement, you’ll want to hire a trustworthy roofing company to restore your home’s most essential protective feature.

Contact Elite Remodeling Services for Professional Fire Damage Roof Repair Services

Because of the various dangers involved, only roofing professionals should perform fire damage roof replacement and repair. Elite Remodeling Services specializes in roof repair, replacement, and installation throughout Farmington, MN, and the surrounding cities, including Apple Valley, Burnsville, Eagan, and Lakeville.

To schedule roof fire damage repair, call (952) 646-2480 and work with professionals from Elite Remodeling Services today!

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